Operation Dawn USA
Gospel Drug Rehabilitation

The night is far gone; the day is at hand.
So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.
Romans 13:12

Our Mission

To Pass on the love of Jesus Christ for man, care for and counsel residents and family to achieve revival of the whole human being.

Specialized In

Gospel Drug Rehabilitation program

Operation Dawn is a faith-based organization which provides a recovery program for drug addicts.

We are located in San Francisco Bay Area

Operation Dawn is a twelve (12) month residential program.
The Halfway House helps the resident transition back into the society.

美國晨曦會戒癮農場 2022 年 11月代禱月訊

美國晨曦之家福音戒癮 2022 年 11 月份代禱通訊 感謝 神我們在 2021 年初所計劃的中途之家終於可以看到突破性的進展了。在此看到上帝為我們開路。10 月 14 日 manufacture home 終於順利的運到晨曦會了,目前 Contractor 還在幫助我們完成後續的工作,若沒有任何情況,下個禮拜可以完工。 還有兩件工程需要被完成: 1. septic tank(化糞池)。請為這工程能順利進行。若沒有任何以外狀況的話,這兩禮拜內便可以開始動工。 2. 請為接電的事情代禱,PG&E 在 2

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