House Of Dawn

Our History

Operation Dawn

Operation Dawn Gospel rehabilitation ministry was founded by Rev. John Paul Chan (陳保羅牧師) of Hong Kong Beautiful Gate Baptist Church. September 1984, Rev. Lau and his wife (劉民和牧師夫婦) were sent to Taiwan and founded Taiwan’s Operation Dawn.  Currently there are 12 Operation Dawn centers in Taiwan.

Gospel Rehabilitation ministry

In recent years, Rev. Lau began hosting evangelical seminars in the United States. Seeing the urgent need for Gospel Rehabilitation ministry in the American-Chinese community, Rev. Yao’s family was then sent to the United States, and started Operation Dawn US at San Jose, California in 2004.

Under God’s guidance and blessings, OD-US rented a facility in southern San Jose and named it House of Dawn.  In December 2, Operation Dawn’s Facility License was granted by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Program.

Vineyard at House of Dawn