I was 20 years old when I first took cocaine and became a drug addict and alcoholic. For the next 20 years, my life was completely ruined and I could not maintain a normal life.

In November 2005, I was accepted into the rehab program provided by Operation Dawn in San Jose, California where I met Pastor Hung-chi YAO and his wife who taught me how to break the bondage of drug and alcohol. Through their patience and loving care, I was able to restore my self-dignity and felt being loved.

I completed the rehab treatment program in May 2007, 3 months after the death of Mrs. Yao who was killed in a car accident while she was paying a visit to a drug addict in prison. I was deeply touched by the love and patience both Mr. and Mrs. Yao has shown us, a group of drug addicts who were all going through the rehab program at Operation Dawn in San Jose.

I remember that Rev. Yao was always the first person to wake up in the morning at the facility to make sure that everything was ready for training for that day. When we were having our routine breaks from our regular programs, Rev. Yao would often chat with us and encourage us to stay strong physically and mentally, no matter what the future holds. Even after his wife died because of their love to our drug addicts, Rev. Yao still keep showing his loving care and sincere concern for us helped to take away much of our frustration and anxiety while being at the facility.

Staying in the Operation Dawn over 18 months, the staff there, under the leadership of Rev. Yao, I experienced a total different life style demonstrated by someone who used to be like me, heavily on drug, but now is an honest man and always willing to sacrifice for others.

Most importantly, the staffs there understand our pain for they had gone through what we went through. I thank God for Rev. Yao and the staffs of Operation Dawn because they gave us hope and love that enhanced our rehabilitation.

March 1, 2011