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House of Dawn Substance abuse rehabilitation procedure

Operation Dawn is a faith-based organization which provides a recovery program for drug addicts. Our center does not rely on medication, nor self-will but only on the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ to achieve our objective. As to say we do not use any form of narcotics here at our facility (Narcotic-no) or any other kind of sedatives (Drugs-No).

Our approach focuses on the reformation of the individual, spiritual and physical.

There are three parts to Operation Dawn’s gospel rehabilitation program.

1. Realization
2. Repentance
3. Transformation

Afterward, the individual should no longer be associated with the bondage of sin (addicted to drugs).

There are two aspects to the act of repentance. The first is repentance towards God, the second is to man. Repentance towards God means to come in front of Him and confess the sins one has committed. At the same time settling disputes between men (because sins were also committed towards others during the period of chemical dependency). The act of repentance also heals the spirit and helps it grow, while allowing the blood of Jesus Christ to cleanse our sins.

Repentance is the renewing of the mind. Since the fall of man (the fall of Adam), no matter if one’s thoughts are good or evil, they are all rebellious against God’s. Just as the intentions of our thoughts are against His, so will be our actions. This is why we all need to repent. After the transformation of our minds by the Holy Spirit, follows the transformation of our behaviors.

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Realization or acceptance, repentance, and transformation are the key goals in our 12-month gospel rehabilitation program. The following are the three stages on working towards those goals:


Operation Dawn is an 12 month residential program. Through an insulated environment, the resident will develop a new outlook on life, using Biblical teachings as a standard for living.
The patient is placed in this new environment, cut off from his previous social network, replacing old behaviors with new habits. Every staff member models the behavior they hope to teach the residents.


During their stay in the House of Dawn, residents restore their dignity, moral standard, and self-discipline with the help of everyday programs, counseling, and the experience of other recovered residents.
Operation Dawn’s everyday program includes Biblical teachings, housework, exercise, teamwork building, and interpersonal communications training. These will all be able to enhance the patient’s spiritual growth.

Reformation (Half-way House)

The Halfway Househelps the resident transition from House of Dawn back into the society. This stage will help the patient to establish a supportive network from family, friends, work, school, and church, etc. Passing through this stage of the journey will allow the patient to become more independent.

Male, 18 and over plus all the following
1. Desire to stop taking drugs
2. Mentally stable, and willing to follow rules
3. Cannot have any infectious diseases, or long-term illness
4. Person must be cleared (not wanted by law enforcement or any court)
5. Willing to accept the teaching of the Christian Bible

1. Operation dawn funding comes from donations from churches and the community.
2. Cost of living, food, and education is free

[Application process]
1. Contact via telephone.  Then In-Person interview
2. After passing the interview, prospect must take a physical examination and await move-in date notification.

12 months

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