I am the youngest boy in the family. I have two sisters who are much older than I. I became much dependent in character and developed a promiscuous lifestyle. My father was very strict in rearing us. His methods were usually spanking or yelling. I didn’t enjoy talking to him. Since my sisters are much older, my “friends” became the most important people around me. After I was in 8th grade, I started to stay at my friend’s till very late before I would go home.

There was this one time when we were hanging out in a karaoke, a friend showed us a pack of white powder and said, “This is number 4, anybody wants to try?” I knew it was heroin, but out of curiosity and also I wanted acknowledgement from my peers, I tried it for the first time. I felt it could help me to avoid facing a lot of unpleasant things in life. Since then, my friends and I would get together and just do drugs. Before long, we all got hooked. During those years, that was all we did. I became more and more secluded. My grades were getting bad, and my relationship with my family was becoming more and more distant. My drug habit began to influence my sleep, my eating habit, and my whole lifestyle. Due to the need to support my drug habit, I began borrowing money from others, exceeding the limits on my credit cards, and even stealing from home. In the end, my family couldn’t stand me anymore and wanted me to leave.

Doing drugs finally got me parted from my family. When I was with my “friends” who did drugs, I started to experiment other drugs like amphetamines, marijuana, and speed. To support these drug habits, I followed directions from my friends to do illegal things to get more money. I didn’t like what I did but I had no control of myself. I hated myself for what I did. I went to different rehabs but none of them were able to help me.

Eight years ago, I went to get help from Operation Dawn. They took me in for free. The people from Operation Dawn were all Christians. They did not use medications. They only used scriptures and prayers. They only used a grateful heart that comes from being freed from the binding of doing drugs. They helped me experienced acceptance, love, care, and hope. I have now once again found my family, freedom, and the goal of life.

Because I didn’t relate well with my family, I got myself a group of friends. In order to be “in” the group, I tried doing drugs for the first time. The result was that I lost my family, health, education, and conscience. It is through the love of God and the ministry of Operation Dawn that I have once again found my family, freedom, and the goal of life.

Up till today, I have been drug-free for more than 8 years. I was able to finish my seminary study in Christian Witness Bible Seminary, got married to my lovely wife, we have one son and going to have another son coming in June 2012. I am currently working as a Bible teacher in Operation Dawn helping others to overcome drug addiction with the word of God.

Wang Teng